School vs. Memory

School vs. Memory?

Conflict, Identity, Coexistence (Central Europe)
Prague, 10–11 October 2014

Additional Activities


Theatre representations

Our conference received a discount offer for selected theatre representations within the festival Parallel Lives (5-9 October, Prague). When buying the ticket for the selected piece, just mention „School vs. Memory / Škola vs. paměť“ and you will recieve a voucher. This voucher will discount the price of ticket to 100 CZK to be paid at the ticket office.
The ticket office is at the piazzetta of National Theatre at Národní 2, Prague 1. Please note that online or phone reservations are not possible.

This offer is valid for the following representations:

  • Sunday 5/10
    • 17.00 The Inside of the Inside / Vnútro vnitra - SkRAT Theatre, Bratislava, Slovakia, Rehearsal room National Theatre service building, 2nd floor
    • 20.00 My File and I / Meine Akte und Ich - Staatschauspiel Dresden, Germany, The New Stage
  • Tuesday 7/10
    • 20:00 Follow me, Teatr nowy, Krakow, Poland, theatre Alfred ve dvoře

All the necessary information about times, programes and addresses to be found here:
We would like to notify that the registration to these theatre pieces is organized uniquely by the National Theatre. The NT keeps the right to limit the number of issued vouchers.